overcoming anxiety (part 1)

If you have ever had anxiety, you know it’s a terrible demon to live with. you cant think as clearly, you don’t treat your relationships right, you physically don’t take full breaths...it feels like there’s a chain around your soul preventing you from enjoying life. ⁣

No. This is not how God intended for us to live. ⁣

If you profess to be a follower of God, then you have to make a decision:⁣

 Is Jesus on the throne or isn’t he. ⁣

“A heaven mindset: Our hearts and our minds are always in sync with what God wants for us. ⁣

Whatever is bond in heaven is bond on earth and whatever is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth.⁣

Every problem has a provision attached to it.” ⁣

//Graham Cooke-The Art of Thinking⁣

So here is some no *woo woo* advice for how to actually OVERCOME anxiety for LIFE:⁣

1. take back control of your MIND⏩

2. PRAY. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist has provided a method to overcome all of our problems, as we were designed to overcome them➡️➡️with God. ⁣

Everyday, take 5 minutes to picture your anxiety as a dead tree. Kneel down and place it in front of you and allow God to take it away. Do not pick it back up. ⁣

Then, as you continue to kneel and NOT pick up the dead tree of anxiety that you have surrendered,⁣

Thank God for five things related to this situation, then  praise God for five things related to your situation (specifically about anixiety: ie: I praise you God, because you’re completely taking my anxiety away), then worship God for five things (this part is about worshipping God for all He is, do not focus on your anxiety anymore, just worship God) ⁣

If anxiety starts to creep back in during the day, picture yourself putting the dead tree of anxiety back down. Thank God that He is destroying anxiety in your life and ask him for direction and provision in your current situation. ⁣

Dear heart, God desires you to know you are smart, beautiful and designed for GREAT things. You HAVE to give up this old stuff, it’s dead and you’ve been carrying it around for too  long. 

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