I Stopped Drinking Coffee and I'm Still a Semi-Productive Human Being



Coffee is one of my favorite drinks ever :D ..But for whatever reason, I get bloated and sick when I drink it to often.  So, after years of fighting my "coffee sickness", I finally just gave it up..and Im still functioning and enjoying life! (more than ever :D) You can do it too...here are some things that helped me to have more energy and also to kick that coffee craving ...


1. Drink A LOT of water:

Every morning, before eating or drinking anything else, I drink 1-2 liters of water.  If I have limes or lemons, I will squeeze the juice of either into my mason jar full of water.  

2. Dandelion or Turmeric Tea Latte

In a blender: 

-1 cup plant based milk (my favorite is macadamia)

-1-2 teaspoons of cane sugar (if you're on a keto diet, you can substitute with 1.2 pack of stevia)

-brewed dandelion tea

-optional: splash of plant based creamer (I purchase whatever is cheapest and is made with cane sugar)

*if you're pregnant, consult you healthcare provider before drinking turmeric tea lattes daily; some studies have shown turmeric can cause cramping***

3. Walk Outside

One of the upsides of living in the city of Honolulu is that Im able to work to and from work every day.  I plug in my headphones and listen to a Cross Politics (thanks mom, link below) or a Jordan Peterson podcast. 

When I lived at home in Virginia, I treasure the memories of walking with my mom during the crisp, cold winter months.  It was truly good for the soul. 

4. Intense Exercise (between 7 and 60 minutes)

Somedays, I go to the UFC gym with my husband and I'm able to do moderately hard cardio (incline treadmill or stair-stepper) for 20 minutes and then a weights routine in addition to that.  

However, somedays I really only have time (or mental energy) for a quick workout and this is where these amazing videos comes in: (thanks Tatiana!)...don't be like me and judge the video from the 80's tights--the 8 minute exercise videos this man has created are seriously hard!


5. Cut Out the Sugar

Seriously, like everyone knows this by now and you're probably tired of hearing it--but sugar is poison!!! Stop eating junk food, stop snacking, stop eating breads and cookie and cakes at the office. 

In all reality, it feels good for the 30 seconds you're eating it.  But, you will never be fully satisfied.  Stop eating sugar and watch your body and mind come back to life.  

6. Eat Large Meals (Stop Snacking)

Eat large meals full of protein, healthy fats and vegetables.  Eat as much as your heart desires!...then don't snack.  Drink water with lime, tea or kombucha instead.  

You'll quickly realize you really don't need to be eating every couple of hours and you'll have much more energy.  

7. Get a Routine (Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday)

Our bodies thrive on routine.  Its just how we were created.  

Wake up at the same time everyday. It doesn't have to be super early, but get out of bed no matter what you are feeling like (you can always take a nap later) and then make your bed + clean your room! 

So, to recap:

1. Drink LOTS of Water

2. Substitute with Caffeine Free Tea (Dandelion or Turmeric)

3. Walk Outside

4. Exercise Everyday

5. Cut Out Sugar

6. Eat Large Meals (Stop Snacking!)

7. Stick to Your Routine 


Thank you for reading and following us.

Let us know if you implement any of these into your life and if they help! We want to hear from you :)

Have a beautiful day, xoxo Kaikaina

"May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. (The "Priestly Blessing", from Numbers 6:23-27.






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