Restoring Body, Mind and Soul

Happy September!

Dear Friends,

We are soaking in the last weeks of the summer over here in the mountains of northern California.  Baby Josette is almost five months old.  She loves to wake up early with her mommy and take long walks in her carriage all snuggled up.  

How are you enjoying your end of summer?

If you feel like this year has been very har, you're not alone.  This year has been hard for everyone ... lockdowns, mandatory masks, loss of jobs and businesses, sickness, suicide/depression, and the upcoming elections...and am I the only one tired of hearing "the new normal" or "we are all in this together!"--so not comforting....and it's not normal!! 

We have designed an action plan for autumn to get back into living life as it should be lived, as our society seemingly continues to go down a very bad path. 

  1. Do your best to get back into your normal routine-no, not the “new normal”-get back into your routine as it was before all of this.  
  2. Get together with your friends and family.  Invite people over for dinner and game night.  Have a bonfire and smores night with your girlfriends.  Meet your mom for coffee and a long walk. Enjoy the outdoors together.
  3. Exercise: set a time everyday, maybe in the morning before you have had breakfast-at least 20 minutes of weights (this can include body weight exercises) and try to also include a 20 minute walk/run at some point in your day.  
  4. Read you Bible every day.  Read your Bible everyday.  Read your Bible everyday. This should be non-negotiable.  15 minutes a day.  Even when you don't feel like it (which may be most days).  Get a reading plan online and just do it.  
  5. Pray everyday-pray the scriptures (we have a book coming out for that), pray the Our Father, pray for personal intentions and those of the country, persecuted christians, current events, pray to end abortion and pray for the salvation of soul
  6. Resume going to church at least once a week.
  7. Boost your immune system.  Fresh (organic if possible) fruits and vegetables, hearty homemade soups, homemade sourdough breads-(lookup “sourdough bread starter by Lisa Boone), superfood smoothies and supplements. 
    1. Vitamin C, Zinc, prenatal, collagen, and I get sunlight (Vitamin D) in my eyes every day for at least 15 minutes
    2. Glutathione: find a supplement that will help your body make this essential protein.  We use a product called Immunocal everyday.  It aids your body in detoxing from heavy metals amongst other great benefits. 
  8. Prepare. Yes, you should be prepared with 3 months of food for you and your family.  No one, except God, knows what the future holds and this is not meant to scare you!--but we should always be prepared, just in case we need the extra items they will be there, and if not we can give them to the poor.  
    1. Toiletries: toilet paper, baby wipes, reusable wipes, clothe diapers (if you have little ones), toothpaste, shampoo, soap
    2. Canned goods, frozen meats and frozen fruits, flour, sugar, pasta, rice and beans
    3. Beeswax candles
    4. Blankets and wood
    5. Water or water filtration system
      1. Berkey water filter
      2. Walmart has filtration bags for about $50 that can filter up too 100,000 gallons
  9. Don't worry-seriously, God tells up multiple times to not worry! Instead be strong and courageous in Him, draw near to Him-He wants all of our hearts, minds and souls. Eyes on me, hearts on me, restore your union with me.                                                                 "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” //Joshua 1:9

Please let us know how we can pray for you.  

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Kaikaina Sisters, Kathleen and Marie 



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