daniel fast day 1: simple eating as a lifestyle

🌻 Tea time with some delicious plant based creamer ? ⁣

Daniel Fast day #1 , also the first day of the advent season. ⁣

there’s something so comforting about tea and journaling. It reminds me of when my mom @kathleencaron and I were both experimenting with new diet regimens. I realized my depression, acne and GI problems were mostly caused by food. I was super intolerant to dairy and other foods...my mom would make me healthy homemade chai tea. We would watch an old Charles Dicken’s tales of romance and tragedy. Sometimes there would be a big fire roaring in the hearth in the heart of winter and we would be curled up under blankets, sipping our tea. ⁣

This is the first time in my life I had really “simplified” what I ate. No dairy, no gluten, almost no packaged foods, not a lot of meat. I didn’t start feeling better from many physical problems until about 3 months into our new regimen, but eventually I started to feel like a new person. ⁣

Food is good. As @kathleencaron pointed out-food is such a wonderful gift from God, little babies cry because they want they want the comfort of drinking their mothers milk. ⁣

Food is comforing, it brings people together in fellowship, it’s satiating, delicious, energizing. ⁣

But some of our problems: depression, acne, weight, sluggishness, low energy, sadness, dizziness, aches and pains may very well be cause by our diet. ⁣

During this #danielfast as we are preparing for the new year, and making resolutions for the new year-first ask God- how do you want me to eat? ⁣

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