above the clouds

This sight has stayed with me for nearly the past six years. It’s a reminder that we can’t let our current circumstances, what we see right in front of us, make us feel like “this is it”.

Remember there is always a light that shines for us and that is the light of God. Just like that airplane He can lift us above what we are going through and allow us to see the hope. Our circumstances may not change immediately but thankfully neither does God.

About Jackie: "I am a Christ loving wife, mom and friend who just wants to help apply the wisdom of God's word to everyday living. I hope that through my experiences and observations to lead others to and encourage others to turn to the only true and trusted friend that we have, Jesus."  Follow Jackie at hopeandfaitheveryday.com

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  • Nora Neal-Daggett

    Praise God for you! Thank you for pouring out His love!!
    “ Ribbons Of Blessings!! 🎀

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